I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many – hundreds – of lovely people of the last fifteen years. People work with me for different reasons, but we always get real results. There are so many potential hurdles that can trip you up, slow you down, or get you off track. That’s where I come in – I smooth it out for you with my roadmap and all my tips and tricks from 20 years of playing guitar and studying music, so your journey is more streamlined. Not to mention fun!
Here are just a few things some of my students have said about me:

“Miranda is the best guitar teacher I have ever had and apart from guitar teacher a really nice person.  I’m 57 years old and been “trying” to play guitar for more than 20 years off and on, in that time I’ve had quite a few teachers and none compare to Miranda.

I can turn up to lessons feeling frustrated and close to giving it away again, by the time the lesson is finished I’m motivated and want to play.  I will never be that good due to lack of talent but lesson time is still a highlight in the week.

When I was going to have my last attempt to play guitar I am so glad I found Miranda, I will be continuing lessons for some time to come, I’ve had improvements and lessons are actually enjoyable and fun, the way they should be. Thanks Miranda” Wayne H.


“I’ve been learning guitar with Miranda since mid 2016 and the reason that I’m still going every week is because I really enjoy every single guitar lesson.  I always come away with something new that I’ve learnt, with inspiration, with a challenge and motivation to learn more.  Even though I’ve been playing the guitar for over 40 years, I’ve made a great leap forward during my time with Miranda.   So many times I would have said to Miranda “I’ll never be able to play that, it’s too hard” and with her wonderful style of teaching, before I know it, it turns out I can!  I’ve written a lot of songs with Miranda’s encouragement, I’ve recorded an album and I’ve played some live gigs!  She’s been incredibly supportive in helping me achieve a few long held goals.
I feel very fortunate to be learning from someone with her musical knowledge and skill and the great ability she has to pass it on in a non daunting way.  And she just happens to be lovely too!!
I’m always happy to recommend her to anyone thinking of learning guitar at any level – as long as they don’t take my spot!! ” Cheers. Julie P

“I’ve been learning guitar from Miranda for the past 6 months, with the initial goal of simply learning something new. I now find myself achieving things I would never have thought possible and uncovering skills I didn’t know I had, improving after each and every session. Miranda teaches with that rare and perfect balance of rigour and fun – making sessions both challenging and fulfilling all at once. Miranda also delivers the technical aspects with easy to understand principles and methods, making it feel natural and approachable to just pick up a guitar and start playing. Combine this with a great personality, a great environment (and great coffee) and you need not look any further. Regardless if your guitar goals are either professional or personal, I couldn’t recommend more highly taking classes with Miranda!”
Leon Fitzpatrick


My two boisterous, teenage boys, were struggling to maintain an interest in traditional music and teaching methods. Aware of the correlation between academic success and music, I was keen to maintain an element of music in their lives, without the pressure. Miranda has been able to offer us that and much more.


From the outset, Miranda allowed the boys to choose their own songs – from popular music – to work on and learn from – re-igniting an interest in music, that had pretty much disappeared. It is a joy to see the boys pick up their guitar to play for pleasure, rather than having to hound them to practise.


Sometimes the busyness of school and sporting life takes precedence over time on the guitar. For those weeks, Miranda is more than happy to just spend lesson time with the boys continuing to enhance their skills.


Miranda has also been patient enough to foster and harness creativity in the boys – they didn’t even know existed! One of my sons is starting to compose his own song – which may never make it to Number One, but is a hit with us!


We are very fortunate to have access to Miranda and her beautiful music once a week” Andrea

“Miranda is an awesome teacher. I was self taught so she quickly solved all the technical issues I had. She has heaps of ideas for keeping me motivated to progress and make music a bigger part of my life. She’s patient and I look forward to lessons, even if I haven’t had much practice time” Alex

“I decided to try lessons with Miranda even though she was a bit further away from me than some other teachers. Glad I did because she’s a very experienced teacher and her studio has a really relaxing vibe about it. Even though I only wanted to learn a few songs to play during a camping holiday, I kept up the lessons and actually feel like I’m becoming a musician now which I’m stoked about. And she’s even getting me to play lead guitar solos!! Thanks Miranda!!!!” Jasmine

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