One-On-One Guitar Lessons

Just a heads up – Guitar is the best instrument. So you’re in the right place 😉

Lots of people want to play guitar, but to actually get to that point of feeling free on the guitar (whether that’s being able to strum 4 chords confidently and cleanly, or shredding through some fancy Hungarian Minor Mode), you’ve got to push through some obstacles. Eg. If you’re an absolute beginner, making some not-so-pretty sounds is definitely on the horizon, sorry to say !

But what is sad, is SO many people start at point C, go on to point D, but feel so frustrated that they give up without realising that if they’d only started with A and then gone onto B, then C etc. things might have gone a little smoother. There will always be challenges, but just like anything you have to start doing the thing, and then just keep doing the thing..and my job is to make it as streamlined as possible for you!

So whether you want to play your favourite songs for your own enjoyment, get together with your friends or family for a jam or perform on stage before a live audience, having a guide (someone like me) is going to make the journey to where YOU want to go, so much smoother.

My intent is to make the learning process fun. These music lessons will be at your own pace and stress-free, and I’ll be there to nurture you along your musical journey via an inspiring learning experience !

I teach online using Skype, and also in Taringa (Brisbane). I offer lessons for everyone from absolute beginners to artists who want to refine their skill. Whether you want to learn more guitar textures and musical ideas for your songwriting, overhaul your technique, learn theory or get ready for an audition, I’ll deliver personalised lessons to get you to where you want to go.

I’m passionate about setting my students up with a solid foundation whilst simultaneously teaching you your favourite songs. We’ll cover hand and body posture, how to hold the pick, essential rhythm guitar techniques and strumming patterns, chords, how to read tablature, basic scales, picking and fingerpicking techniques. For the adventurous – traditional music notation, moveable scale forms, theory that you’ll need to know for lead soloing and songwriting, and how to create and improvise solos.

Let’s unlock all of the mysteries of the fret board together!

Get in touch and let me know what music you’re into and what your schedule is like, and we’ll sort out a lesson time. If you’re a beginner and you don’t have a guitar yet, I can definitely provide some advice.

I look forward to teaching you!


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