Hi there!

So…  Confession time – even though I have done gigs galore, performing nationally and internationally in a variety of genres –  rock, folk, world, blues, gypsy jazz groups – my passion for teaching music and helping people get to where they want to go on guitar, has superseded my passion for performing, and so that is mostly what I spend my time doing these days.

I am genuinely excited to be a part of someones musical journey!  I have been teaching for over ten years, having taught at music and performing arts schools before I started Guitar Class. My teaching experience combined with my formal music studies [Ad. Dip. Music Jazz Guitar, Bachelor of Music Studies – World Music, Cert IV Training and Assessment] and my performance experience have led me to a great place where I can confidently teach and mentor guitarist from the beginner to performance stage (if that is the goal).  I want to help YOU reach your goals just the way I have reached mine.

With our powers combined….!

Some performance highlights include playing the QPAC Concert Hall, Woodford and Splendour in the Grass music festivals as well as touring nationally and internationally. I also played in in the bands of visiting international artists Andreas Oberg, Lollo Meier and Robin Nolan, and during 18 months living in Paris I was lucky enough to regularly share the stage with renowned gypsy jazz guitarists like Angelo Debarre, Noé Reinhardt and Sébastien Giniaux. I also play/have played with local legends Ewan MacKenzie, Shenzo Gregorio, Susy Blue, Cameron Ford and Mzaza. Other highlights include touring Taiwan playing music for a circus show, and spending one week in a gypsy camp in Europe learning with renowned gypsy guitarist Lollo Meier.

Non-performance musical highlights:

Being in the bars and restaurants of Paris after close, listening to my new musician pals jamming around a table, sipping on wine (or whiskey) until the early hours of the morning. (Which no doubt surprised my Aussie friends who know me as someone who likes to be cosy at home in the evenings!)

Having my little Verandah Jams where I invite my friends around for pizza and wine. They all bring their instruments and no songs are off limits – we usually start with some gypsy jazz and latin tunes, but if we haven’t sung Eternal Life and More Than Words by the end of the night, did the night even happen?!

I also love my Verandah Jams with my students. A lot of them have never played with or in front of anyone else. Everyone is nervous, but brave so they have a go anyway. Lots of mistakes are made and embraced! It’s such a heartwarming experience for me to not only hear the music and skills they’ve been working on come to life, but to also see the students connecting with each other – my little community. So great.

Oh wow, I could go on forever!



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