Work With Me

I really enjoy performing (and I’ve done a lot!) but I LOVE teaching.

I’d love to have the honour of setting you up with strong foundations, and then nurture, motivate, inspire and guide you through all the things YOU need to know, give you all the skills YOU need to learn, to get you where YOU want to go. Which is always a unique place. Some people want to perform, some people want to learn a new skill, some people need fresh ideas for their songwriting. Many people just want to play and sing their favourite songs – usually in the confines of their own home! I can help you with all of that and more, for sure. It will be my pleasure.

This is what it will look like – we’ll meet for our weekly/fortnighly session online or in person (or a combo of both). Once I’ve worked out where you’re at and what kind of music you’re into, I’ll take you through my little curriculum at the same time as teaching you your favourite songs and music.

Commitment: Some of my students are too busy to practice ever, and that’s cool, as they use their time with me (often it’s multiple lessons per week) to learn and practise. The journey is a little slower, but it works because I am only too happy to work at the pace you’re comfortable with. Most students practise at least once or twice a week, and many practise between 3-5 times a week. I’ll work with you on that one – some weeks may be hectic so we just work around that. If you’re really committed and want to give it all you’ve got, then I’ll structure your practise plan so that it includes a lot of focused practise, to maximise your time and productivity.

Our time together will include reviewing what you were working on in the previous week and extending on that. I’ll be throwing in new songs and take you through some basic technique stuff or a little theory to help you understand your instrument better, making you a better musician all round. I’ll also show you HOW to practise the material we’ve gone through. And this is GOLD. I’ve got so many tips and tricks to streamline your journey. My own learning and performance experience combined with having taught hundreds of students (head to the ABOUT ME page for more) means I’ve seen it all. I’ll know what the issue is and I’ll know how to solve it ! And it makes me so happy to do so, so it’s win-win 🙂

OK, now I am interested in YOU ! What draws you to the guitar? (Best instrument ever, i know hehe).. What do you want to learn? Do you have any goals yet, or just itching to get started?

Shoot me though a message below and let’s talk more about working together to reach your goals. Feel free to send me through your availability so we can get you booked in A.S.A.P!

I currently teach online through Skype, and also teach in Roma and Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Lesson Fees:

30min/$40 AUD

45min/$60 AUD

60min/$75 AUD